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Prolonged bad mood can occur with a variety of mental and neurological diseases, against heavy diseases of internal organs, injury, stress, information loads, etc. In any case, depression significantly weights down the human condition and is subjected to compulsory treatment.

Zoloft (international name - Sertraline hydrochloride) - is an antidepressant whose mechanism of action is to suppress the reuptake of serotonin in neurons. This means that the amount of serotonin neurons in the joints and the speed of nerve impulse transmission increases, which has calming effect and help to reduce anxiety, panic and depression.

On the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine Zoloft has a little effect, and this affects the fact that it has fewer side effects than other antidepressants. Zoloft doesnít cause drug addiction and weight gain during chronic administration.

So, in what cases doctors recommend to take Zoloft?

Zoloft - a mild anti-depressant, which it is recommended to include into reception of treatment various depressions, including the background of internal diseases which are accompanied by low moods or bouts of panic attacks (sudden beginning and sudden ending).

Zoloft is also effective in the treatment of latent and atypical depression, which manifested as symptoms of various diseases of the nervous system and internal organs (including chronic pain) and removed in the treatment of depression.

The course of treatment with Zoloft successfully eliminates actual manifestation of depression and anxiety, symptoms of internal organs diseases and autonomic nervous system, helping to normalize sleep and eliminate pain.

In recent years, Zoloft (Sertraline) have been actively used for the treatment of patients with organic neurological diseases that are accompanied by depression. Zoloft has a good effect in Parkinson's disease (neurological disorder, characterized by a violation of voluntary movements) and Alzheimer's disease.

When social phobias (communication disorders) Zoloft is the drug of first choice therapy.

Zoloft precautions

The prevalence of depressive disorders, the variability of their structure, the combination with other neurotic or psychotic disorders, the relationship with the personal attitudes, somatic and social factors generate a large number of clinical forms of depression and, therefore, require the use of variety of therapeutic agents.

Modern requirements for anti-depressants, along with a rather effective timoanaleptic action include good tolerability and favorable side effect profile and lack of "behavioral toxicity".

Analyzing clinical trial, we can argue that Zoloft medication is absolutely safe and effective for all people:

As you see Zoloft is rather reliable drug for treatment depression and anxiety disorders.

But, like any other medication, Zoloft has its precautions. Letís clarify them, before you start treatment therapy.

Zoloft should not be taken by pregnant women (including breastfeeding ones), children under 6 years old and people with a hypersensitivity to sertraline. In addition, you may not mix Zoloft with MAO inhibitors and pimozide. The interval between administration of sertraline and MAO inhibitors should be at least 2 weeks. Drinking alcohol during treatment with Zoloft is not allowed. People with organic disorders of the brain, liver / kidney failure, epilepsy and a sharp shortage of body weight should carefully treat with Zoloft.

In patients with convulsive syndrome Zoloft application has not been studied, so avoid its use in unstable epilepsy and patients with controlled epilepsy require careful monitoring during treatment. In case of seizure the drug therapy should be canceled.

You must be careful while appointing Zoloft (Sertraline) with other drugs that increase serotonergic neurotransmission, such as tryptophan or fenfluramine. Until further data serotonergic drugs should not be used in combination with sertraline. Also, donít use Zoloft with these drugs:

Deciding to take Zoloft, consult with your doctor and inform him whether you have any diseases or other bothersome conditions like:

Studies have shown that Zoloft has no effect on psychomotor function. Nevertheless, antidepressants may impair mental or physical activity required to perform potentially dangerous functions such as driving or controlling various mechanisms.

Donít forget always consult with your doctor, in order to achieve maximum effect from treatment and avoid possible side effects.

Purchase Zoloft (Sertraline) Online