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Proscar is a drug that treats the symptoms BPH (the official scientific name of the disease is benign prostatic hyperplasiaprostate) or enlargement of prostate. It may also be taken in order to lessen the risk of inability to pass urine and surgery related to BPH in men with an enlarged prostate.

What is it for?

Adenoma of prostate is a very common disease among men aged over 50. The older man becomes the more chances he gets to suffer from this disease.

The location of prostate is below the bladder.

The restriction of the flow of urine results from the enlargement of prostate because the prostate is in close location to the bladder and surrounds part of the urethra.

The development of adenoma depends on a very potent sexual hormone called DHT hormone, which is formed by testosterone in combination with a different ferment.

Adenoma of prostate progresses rather slowly that is why it may take some months to reduce the clinical presentations of the disease.

But ignoring the BHP related disease and not treating it may cause serious problems, including urinary tract infection and the inability to pass urine at all.

How does it work?

Proscar is prescribed for treatment and control of adenoma of prostate. It works effectively in decreasing the level of a hormone DHT. Proscar has an active ingredient finasteride which takes part in treating the symptoms of BHP or enlarged prostate.

The symptoms include various problems with urination. This single medication or in combination with others reduce the development of the BHP symptoms by lowering the level of DHT hormone in the bloodstream and in prostate. The noticeable reduce of DHT hormone takes place within 24 hours after the drug taking.

This medication gives treatment to the BPH associated symptoms, urination connected symptoms such as decreased urine flow, hesitation at the start of urination. Lowering DHT leads to reduction of the enlarged prostate gland in most men.

Practically all the patients taking Proscar experienced significant reduction of the prostate size. However, only 50 % of men find improvement and gain treatment of BHP symptoms. In general, it takes about 6 month to receive the effect of the drug fully.

What is important to know?

A man cannot get a prostate cancer from having BHP related disease. But these two conditions may be present in a male body at the same time. That is why taking prostate cancer tests will be highly useful before starting to take the drug.

Also your health care provider can define your symptoms accurately and explain their possible causes to your health. Since this drug treats men diseases it must not be taking by women in any form. Special attention should be paid to pregnant women. They should not be anywhere in close distance to broken pieces or crushed tablets.

Also they must avoid having sexual relationships with men taking Proscar because the proper development of sexual organs in a male baby may be affected even before giving birth to it.

Even a tiny amount of drug may influence the development of a child. It is necessary to mention some side effects which might include the difficulty to ejaculate or the decrease in the amount of semen. However, it does not intercross with the normal male sexual function. The reduction of sex drive or sex desire can take place.

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