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What do you know about hair transplantation?

Actually, hair transplantation is one of the surgical techniques which moves some of your hair follicles from one part of your body (it is called donor site) to another one, which is balding part or bald at all (its name is recipient site).

It can be used in restoring of your eyebrow, eyelashes, beard hair, pubic hair, chest hair, to fill in the scars caused by different kinds of surgery or accidents.

The techniques and skills of hair restoration surgeons can vary widely. The quantity of various kinds of how such operations can be done is impressive!

You should understand that the results of hair transplant can differ from each other too. So you should be careful in choosing variants if you want to have good results.

Have you ever heard of Propecia?

It is one of the best and commonly used medication which treat problems of hair loss. Propecia really works. It was shown in a lot of different and long running tests. The results were impressive.

From the moment of appearing on the market till now it is a leader between the drugs which can help you to solve the problem with hair loss and its growth.

Speaking about Propecia (Finasteride) and hair transplantation, you should know some information about it. First of all this drug works the best way in younger patients who are not candidates for transplantation.

Hair transplantation will give you better results if it is completed with taking of Propecia. The thing is that this drug usually does not have such efficiency in the front part of your scalp. But it is the area, where surgical restoration will have the best cosmetic improvement.

At the same time hair transplantation is not so effective in the back part of your scalp, but Propecia is. Of course some people canít take these tablets, for example, because of its side effects, but surgery is also effective.

It is not a compulsory condition to take any of hair loss drugs after the transplantation, but you should know that usage of medication will minimize the shock loss that can be seen after the surgery.

There is a good way to show you the benefit of adding Propecia to the treatment of hair loss.

It is simple. Just imagine 2 men, who have similar hair loss problems, theyíve just had their transplant surgeries. Both of them decided to see the doctor 5 years later. One of these men was taking Propecia during all these years, but another one was not.

As you know, the majority of male part of population who using these pills will have a gain of hair mass during these first 5 years.

So the man who was using this drug after the surgery will have great improvement in quantity of new hairs and its growth.

So as a result the man who did not use Propecia (Finasteride) will have worse results, he will blame the surgery which didnít bring him good results. But the second man will give undeserved credits to the transplantation instead of the medication Propecia.

You should remember just one thing about the solving of your problem with hair loss Ė it is your choice how to treat it. Doctors will help you and advise you what to do.

Commonly doctors advise to take Propecia. You should understand that there can be some side effects, such as unusual weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, problems with sleeping, runny nose, blurred vision. But it is your choice!

When the surgery is done right, donít worry about the results. They will be lifelong. So your improvement in hair growth depends on a lot of different cases.

Nowadays all the time new ways of treatment with hair loss are created. You can use that treatment which you think will be better for you!

Purchase Propecia (Finasteride) Online