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Most advanced anticonvulsant drugs interact with GABA-receptors and reduce the frequency of the spasms as well as epileptic attacks.

Neurontin is similar to these drugs but does not interact with GABA-receptors. It has other mechanism of the action due to which it beneficially differs from the identical medicines and acts more effectively.

Neurontin (Gabapentin) is often used for neuropathic pain because it has a strong analgesic effect besides the anticonvulsant action .

The mechanism of the action consists in that Neurontin inhibits the flow of ions of calcium playing an important role in the appearance of the neuropathic pain.

It does not contact the receptors of other common drugs in the clinically significant concentrations or neurotransmitters including GAB receptors, benzodiazepine, and others. In other words, Neurontin (Gabapentin) provides a similar effect but it differs by the gaining mechanism of this effect.

Also, Neurontin may be used in the complex therapy with benzodiazepine because the medical interaction with this group of medicines is minimal, and the clinical effect is increased in case of the proper dosage schedule, not increasing the risk of the side reactions.

The pharmacological action of Neurontin is started quickly. The patient feels the reduction of the painful syndrome in one hour, and the maximal concentration of the active components is observed in the blood in 2 hours.

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