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A wide range of factors influence on the male potency: lifestyle, food, and regularity of the sexual intercourses. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, poor physical activity, depression, and prolonged stress situations affect the erection.

Depending on the cause of the erectile dysfunction, this disease is commonly divided into two types: psychogenic and physiologic erectile dysfunction .

The psychogenic erectile dysfunction appears in case of the different psycho-emotional disorders which may be related to the activity of the human, sudden stress, fear, and diffidence.

The emotional instability often becomes a cause of the erectile dysfunction because any changes in the central nervous system and work of the brain are reflected on the physiologic properties of the human.

The physiologic erectile dysfunction is related to the organic disorders: vascular diseases, lack of hormones, neurologic diseases, fatigue, and physical overstrain.

Both types of the erectile dysfunction are treatable but they require a special approach and usage of the different methods. The symptoms of the psychogenic and physiologic erectile dysfunction are similar but the pre-conditions to the erectile dysfunction of the different types differ.

The psychogenic erectile dysfunction is characterized by the unexpected symptoms. The man may experience a strong desire but he cannot gain erection, and the night erections are kept at the same time. It often happens that the man can start the sexual intercourse, and he has the firm erection, but the erection may disappear at some moment.

The physiologic erectile dysfunction develops gradually, and it is easier diagnosed. The impulsive night erections are absent, the penis loses its firmness in the process of the intimacy, and it is more and more difficult to maintain the erection for the man during the sexual activity.

If a stable reduction of the erectile function is observed within a long period of time, it is a sign of the physiologic impotence.

It is complicated to detect the mixed erectile dysfunction. The disease may be caused by the psychogenic and physiologic disorders.

In this case, doctors recommend Levitra.

Levitra similarly effectively acts during both types of the erectile dysfunction. Even if you could not detect the type and exact cause of the impotence, it is possible to buy Levitra, and you will definitely able to improve the potency.

Levitra is a universal product, and therefore million men select this medicine and leave positive reviews about the change of the personal life.

Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)

One may buy Levitra in both city pharmacy and in online pharmacy. Many men prefer to buy Levitra online because the price at the medicine is lower during the purchaser of Levitra via the Internet, and the assortment is bigger.

The Internet pharmacies sell many generics Levitra which almost do not differ from the original drug but cost cheaper. It is really so, generic Levitra (Vardenafil) provides the same therapeutic action as the original Levitra.

But generics are also different, and therefore if you want to buy generic Levitra the following information will be useful for you.

There are specialized Internet pharmacies which sell different generic Levitra from the different manufacturers. The most quality are drugs which are produced in India. Generics have being produced more than 15 years ago in this country.

The pharmaceutical industry of India is actively and successfully developed, and gained the scales that only original, safe and proved chemical medical ingredients are only used in the production.

The Indian Generics contain only components which are in the original Levitra .

The drugs from Pakistan have lower quality. The original medical components are also used but the level of the industry is lower and the probability of the poor batch of the medical products is higher. If you want to buy Generic Levitra, prefer the drugs of the Indian production.

The most poor Generics Levitra and other ED pills are the drugs from China. There are a lot of unofficial pharmaceutical companies in China which produce medicines for the commercial purposes.

They use cheap medical ingredients in the production, perhaps, they are of the local production. It is made manually because they have no money on the development of the machine production. Every second batch has rejects, or it does not have any effect, or it is dangerous for the health.

The poor goods for the production of Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) may cause the allergic reaction, disorder of the gastro-intestinal tract, and other side reactions. There is, of course, quality production from China but it is difficult to detect it.

It is easy to detect a fake. There are tablets of generic Levitra (Vardenafil) which are crumbled, broken from easy touch, and have acidic, bitter, or sweet taste.

It means that these tablets should not be used. They will not help you to treat impotence, and they may cause many side reactions.

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