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Having tried to get pregnant for a few months and havenít succeed yet?

Donít give up, it is the high time to make decisions and do something. First of all there should be a reason for your inability to get pregnant for rather long period of time if you had constant sexual contacts without contraceptives.

You have to analyze and think over all the possible reasons: whether you had regular or irregular periods, ovulation, also your partner has to do some tests to find out the real reason for your so called infertility. When the reason is found out and the reason is in your inability to ovulate normally you have to think about the medicine which will be the most effective and make insignificant harm to your health.

One of such medicines is Clomid.

It is experienced and proved to be rather efficient and strong medicine which is widely appreciated by women all over the world. It was created to regulate womenís ovulation but not to treat infertility. Important note is that you shouldnít rely on ovulation tests when taking Clomid and medicines from the same group because tests are likely to be inaccurate.

The best thing is to consult your doctor regularly and donít be afraid to ask him all the questions you are worried about because your health and maybe your future baby depends on all these.

Most women are firstly prescribed the smallest dose in 50 mg to observe how their body will react on the medicine, if it has any effect (because for some women this dose is enough to trigger their ovulation).

If this dose doesnít work, doctor is supposed to increase it to 100 mg and so on. But donít try to increase doses without doctorís prescription because it may harm your health and wonít bring you any positive result and even may reduce your chances to recover.

From the first sight it may seem that Clomid (Clomiphene) is some miracle medicine which can change your life in a day. Years of unsuccessful efforts to get pregnant and then in a few weeks you get a chance to have a baby or at least have regular ovulation which increases your chances to get pregnancy in 20 times.

Thousands of successful stories from women who managed to have babies with the help of Clomid.

These stories give a hope to millions of women who havenít tried yet, but everything is in their hands. It is not a myth; Clomid is a real helper for your family.

It is rather comfortable to take it as it is known to have a long half life ( for about 5 days) so you donít have to take it several times a day.

Speaking about this medicine it will be not fair if not to mention its main side effect. Although it is rather insignificant on the background of the side effects which can occur from another medicines but nevertheless you should know about it to be ready.

Taking Clomid

Sometimes while taking Clomid (Clomiphene) you may feel discomfort or even unpleasant pain in the lower abdomen. If such pain occurs not frequently you have nothing to worry about but if it happens rather often and is followed by weight gain you should immediately consult your doctor, ask for a help and take immediate measures.

Many women are extremely frustrated if they didnít succeed to get pregnant from the first attempt. It is said that more than 30% of women using Clomid get pregnant.

This successful rate depends on several important factors: the reason of infertility; the appropriate and right time for sexual relations; ability of your partner to have baby and of course chance and luck.

So once you will get all these constituents together and you dream will come true Ė you will get pregnant. Maybe it will take few cycles for you.

Infertility and absence of ovulation is not a critic problem if you start treating it in time. With the help of Clomid you will forget about such problems soon.

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