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Cipro is a brand name of Ciprofloxacin drug which is used for the treatment of the infectious diseases. Often, the disease symptoms happen at an inopportune moment when the patient takes other medical products.

The medical interaction of Cipro with other drugs may cause the side effects , and therefore if you take any medical products, you should find out if Cipro may be taken or not.

Cipro interacts with beta-lactamase antibiotics, metronidazole, and aminoglycoside. All these components increase the pharmacological action of ciprofloxacin as a result of which it is necessary to lower the dose of the antibiotic. If it is not done, the patient may develop the symptoms of the overdose.

Mineral components such as zink, ferrum, vitamins with microelements, magnesium, imetidine calcium must be used 2 hours before Cipro and at least 4 hours after. It is explained that these components slow down the absorption of ciprofloxacin from the gastro-intestinal tract.

In case of the use of Cipro with caffeine, theophylline, the level of these components is increased in plasma of the blood, so that the risk of the side effects appearance is increased.

In case of the simultaneous use of Cipro with anticoagulants the length of the bleeding is increased in the patient.

Cipro also increases the therapeutic activity of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, so that the risk of the convulsive reactions is increased.

This information will be useful for every patient because it is unknown when and in what circumstance the antibiotic will be needed, and in order to avoid the side effects it is needed to carefully study the instruction for the use before buying Cipro.

Cipro Side Effects

As any medical product Cipro has a list of the potential side effects:

The above-mentioned side effects occur in not 100% of cases, and you can do your best in order to avoid them.

If you read the instruction and use the drug in the allowed dosage, no unpleasant reactions will appear.

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